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For years, I’ve never had a credit card. A friend literally shouted at me when I looked at the application form. He said, “DON’T YOU DARE APPLY!!!” and so I didn’t. I didn’t even try to mind  what effects they were trying to tell me if I own one. 

Come 2007, in the land of milk and honey?!, I was forced to apply for a credit card. “Credit cards are needed to have credit scores”; “It is a must here!”; “Everyone’s got a credit card!”; “No we don’t carry cash, we carry cards”. So I did get one, nope, two, nope, three, nope… OK, to date I have 8 cards!!!! 

Yes, I’ve been managing my accounts really well, never had a month without paying, at least the minimum amount. Yes, credit cards made us survive financial turbulence! Yes, credit cards made me say YES, YES, YES! 

Since coming here in the land of the free?!, never had we stayed home for long breaks.. we’ve travelled and travelled far to beautiful places, checked in to different hotels, ate, bought, spent… NO budgeting, NO money management, and NO living within our means. 

YES, I am powerful, I have credit cards!!!

The sad thing about being UP there is that there is no way to go but down, and DOWN the hill I go with credit card management!!!

This month, after 4 years, I befriended MS Excel, looked at all my finances and in my own eyes saw what has happened, what is happening and will continue to happen if I will not stop.

Screeeeeeeechhhhhh. Full Stop.

Now, I remember what my friends back then were trying to force me to understand but didn't – This time, I know.

When, maybe, all the while, I knew BUT never really mind it. I knew what techniques and process I should do to make credit cards work for me BUT didn't UNTIL I was faced with imbalance. 

A bell is ringing soundly in my ears now... IMBALANCE, the word for the day. Until there is BALANCE in my life, balance in all four areas of my life - Physical or Health side, Intellectual or Wealth Side, Emotions or Self-Expression Side and Love or Spiritual Side, I will never be able to control my destiny and will never obtain Peace of Mind.

I've started with my Intellectual or Wealth Side (Financial Matters!!!), and would move on to my Physical or Health side soon... very very soon!

Now, I know why I need to do Project 365, to remind me everyday of what matters, what is essential and what WORKS.

What about you? What area in your life needs attention? Time to think about it now.. or go down the hill... and we don't want that to happen right?

*Let's journey together and make our dreams happen soon! God Bless! :)

-Day 2-

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