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Here goes... a 61 year old American teacher-magician is asking me to find him a girlfriend in the Philippines.

40-50 years of age
nice to be with

He said he's very willing to visit whoever she is in the Philippines and that he'll do whatever it takes to bring whoever she is here in the US. He wants to correspond via email, mail, phone calls...

Just today, he gave me $20.00 bill (and of course I turned it down! LOL!) because he wants me to expedite the process of searching. HAHAHA

So if you are reading this and you qualify OR if you know some who knows someone who is looking, available, and eager to come here. Then, you know who to contact!:)

Promise.. he's serious about this!

Maybe tomorrow, he'll double the $20.00 hahaha

Sweet dreams!:)

-Day 3-

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