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Write A Letter From An Admirer - Day 24/30 #InfinitePossibilitiesProject

Day 24: Write A Letter To Yourself From An Admirer

How often do you take the time to see yourself from other people’s perspectives? Let’s give it a shot. Pretend that you are someone else – one of your many friends, a loved one, your publisher, or a business contact. Write a letter as that person showering YOU with praise, love, and appreciation. There’s a reason why your friends and family love you as much as they do!

Here are some things you might include:

  1. Why you’re such a great friend/sibling/parent/child.
  2. What you bring to this world that’s unique to you.
  3. Why you’re an inspiration to so many people.
  4. What people love most about you.

I wrote this blog To Gemma @24 some 4 years ago. Indeed, it's all a matter of perspective!

All your dreams will come true and more! Just believe and see it happen!
Live in faith!


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