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Share The Future With A Friend - Day 21/30 #InfinitePossibilitiesProject

Day 21: Share The Future With A Friend: Speak of each other's wildest successes

This one requires a friend(s), on the phone or in person, who gets your way of seeing the world! In the unlikely event you have no such friend readily available, do it with your invisible, childhood friend, or perhaps with your reflection in the mirror.

The goal here is that the two (or more) of you are going to celebrate that your present dreams have already come true. Speak in the past or present tense! You go first, speak of your own dreams, and then congratulate your friend on the dreams you know they have, as if they too have already come true. After you’ve spoken for about 5 minutes, then it’s your friend’s turn to do the same, speaking of their own dreams, and then speaking of your successes. Get into the fun and elaborate details of all the expected and unexpected consequences that have come from the successes in each of your lives.

It was freeing to hear my husband, Dennis, speak of my dream just the other day. It was something new to my ears. I loved the feeling it created. It felt like it has come true already!

Knowing someone who believes in your dream makes a whole lot of difference! Swear!



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