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Get Into Details! Day 3/30 #InfinitePossibilitiesProject

Day 3: Get into the Details and Create a Passionate Sense of Excitement

Today we're going to be led by Day 1's priorities to the details that excite us. The juicy, sexy details that make our heart pound. We're thereby going to be ramping up an emotional connection to the areas we want to see change in. Make lists of the changes that will be drawn into your life, sights, sounds, colors, or the warmth of someone's hand in yours. Your lists don't have to be just of physical things, you can make note of and envision how much more productive you will be, creative, maintaining a great balanced life at home, work and play. Yep, this is like a vision board exercise using just words and lists.

What if writing the details trigger infinite possibilities? Will you do it?

I just wrote my list! What about you?

 - Inspired Writing
 - Reflection and Meditation

 - Fruits and Greens
 - Walking Exercise
 - Affirmations and Positive Thinking

 - "A" Credit Score
 - Savings and Investments
 - Caps and Gowns
 - Great Relationships
 - Wonderful Intimacy
 - Awesome Health and Wealth
Abundance in all areas of life!
 - Amazing Blessings
 - Creativity and Artwork
 - New Home
 - Whites, Greens and Aquamarines
 - Family Volunteering
 - New Wardrobe
 - Income Opportunities


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