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Fill Your Life With Empowering Resources - Day 11/30 #InfinitePossibilitiesProject

Day 11: Fill Your Life and Surround Yourself With Empowering Resources

Surrounding yourself with resources that inspire and motivate you is extremely valuable… especially when it comes to starting off a new year with new goals and new ambitions. Get out your journal and make a list of resources that can help to inspire and motivate you this year.

There is always something to learn... 


 Here are some ideas:

  1. Sign up for Notes from the Universe daily inspirational emails if you haven’t already.
  2. Make a reading list for this year. What books have you always wanted to read? What’s on the NY Times Bestseller List right now? Check out Mike’s Recommended Reading List.
  3. Listen to free podcasts. Elizabeth Gilbert has a podcast about harnessing creativity called Magic Lessons. NPR has a series called Ted Radio Hour based on TED Talks from the world’s remarkable minds. Hay House Radio features the greatest teachers in spirituality, health and wellness, and in particular offers a World Summit with 100 free 1 hour talks every Spring (CDs can also be purchased at that time).
  4. Find websites that are doing cool things: TUT (check out our blog!), Mindbodygreen, Brain Pickings, TED, Huffington Post Good News Stories, Hay House, to name a few.
  5. Find groups in your area that support your vision. Try meetup where you can connect with like-minded people or creative mornings, a breakfast lecture series.

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