40 Days of Reflection - Monday, Third Week of Lent

"At that time some people who were present there told Jesus about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with the blood of their sacrifices." (Lk 13:1)
To understand this better, I googled the net.

According to biblestudyworkshop.com, the bearers of this message seemed to be telling Jesus that they were righteous, not wicked sinners like the slain Galileans. 

A very sensitive topic indeed.

I suddenly remember the conversation I had with a friend a long time ago. It has left my memory for a while but here goes.

We love conversing, and then just suddenly she reminded me that we will all have the same destination in the end. But then sometimes, we are all guilty of hastening someone else's "final destination" by the words that we are using, especially, behind their backs.

Whenever we stab someone else's back even if we don't intend to, she continued, we still caused his/her death, crucifixion and suffering.

Whenever we say we don't care, anyway, that's his/her fault, indifference, she emphasized, on the other hand, is causing our own death, crucifixion and suffering. 

"I-am-better-than-you", NO, no one is, because we are all in a journey together.

We crossed paths, for a purpose and reason. 

Let us communicate life not death.


Because we are ONE, she concluded.



  1. You're right! Every time you say bad things to other person you surely stabbing your self in pain and vice versa. Just like Jesus have told us: " Whatever you did for the least of My brothers and sisters, you did for Me". Matthew 25:40.

    But let us likewise remember to do good to all men because we are one in doing good things. Our purpose here on earth is to communicate hand and hand.

  2. He is the only Judge that matters.

  3. I definitely agree with everything that is said here :) It's just sad that most people don't realize that :(

  4. One for the hypocrites. The context here is about those Pharisees who truly epitomize pride to the fullest. Judge not, as the Scripture says for there is only one Supreme judge who will judge each man's actions.


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