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Making the impossible happen.

I'm sure you're also like me.. who would like to believe that all things are possible and there is no such thing as impossible!

See impossible, really is saying, I’m possible!

YES, sometimes, fear and anxiety grips us! 

But here's the bottom line.

1. Keep our faith and belief!
2. Be patient!!!
3. Thank God already!

Whatever our heart's desires are, it will all come true!

I believe it is all God. God has actually placed that desire in our hearts and I am sure, in His own time, He will also make it happen.

Whatever it takes, if we know in our hearts that it belongs to us, then it will come to pass.

Either that or believe in all the negative things, believe in the impossibility of your dreams, focus on what you cannot do and will not happen ever! Put all your energy on why you deserve all the bad things.. and surely it will be done.

No path best to choose but the later.

Let’s continue to be believers of good things.


-day 312

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