Dreaming dreams!

So, now that I’m done with my 365 days project, what’s next?
Great question!
Answer: Nothing.

I’ll enjoy my Winter break! I’ll sleep, watch movies, eat! Lol!

A better finance would mean traveling to the East coast to spend a week of vacation there! We haven’t been to those states yet. I’d love to see New York, Massachusetts, Maryland! Sleep at hotels again, eat out, take lotsssa pictures!, drive, drive, drive and enjoy the sceneries!

Permanent papers would mean traveling back to my homeland, Philippines, for a month of vacation! I’d love to be with my family, relatives and friends and enjoy their presence! I’d love to eat all the foods I missed, shop at the malls, have a massage 3x a week!, watch Filipino movies, ride a jeepney, walk around our subdivision!

A better finance and permanent papers would mean a cruise to Alaska, Carribean, Bahamas and Bermuda!

An out-of-the-box adventure would be to travel with the whole family to Europe!!!

Whoa! I am dreaming!

It’s nice to dream huh? It makes our mind wild, it triggers something inside us to act on it, it makes us look forward to achieving it!

This Christmas, let’s forget not to dream. 

Let’s also try to go beyond our own little boxes and do something wild! As wild as running around your house for a change, donating clothes, books or toys to the needy, or driving to a see nature’s beauty!

We have a day and a week more before our Winter break! I can’t wait to do make overs, dream, plan, organize… but you know what? 

The best that we can do for ourselves is to really do make-overs from the inside.

If we start from the inside, our outside will be more beautiful, warm and happy!

Hope you'll do the same!



  1. All the big possibilities and achievement starts with a dream and a part of us should be always there reaching out for new goals and the other part of course, is making sure we still belong in reality.

  2. this christmas, i want to travel to europe as well!

  3. I guess it's your nothing to do season... hope you enjoy it... :D

  4. agree we should never stop dreaming.... it makes us alive. makes us want to live. makes life beautiful.

  5. We take away a big part of our lives the moment we stop dreaming, so dream, we must.

  6. Don't stop dreaming, never stop believing. Somehow, somewhere, dream may and will come true. Enjoy your holidays!

  7. yes, let's dream... it's free and it's a good start in making goals in life... Yahweh bless.

  8. Everything starts in a dream, we get to travel because we dream about it, we are in a beautiful home because we dream about it and we are able to write and express our dreams because we dream about it. . . . keep dreaming and keep believing then you'll see it'll come true some day =)


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