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May Our Dreams Be Blessed!


When our desires are deep-seated, when we want something so bad, when we want our hopes and dreams to come true… what do we usually do? 

Keep it to ourselves or let the whole world know about it?

My mom would always say that if you have plans, keep it to yourself. Let it be between you and God first, and when it comes to pass, then shout it out to the whole world!

I’ve followed that rule from ever since. I even posted about it here.

But really, what’s wrong with the picture of shouting out to the whole world your plans, goals, and dreams?

Just thinking aloud, is it because if we let people know the desires of our hearts, if we allow people know our goals and plans; if we permit ourselves to be heard, is it FEAR that really holds us back?

Fear of people with negative vibes? Fear of people jinxing our plans? Fear of people who could take away our “power”? Lol! 

OR is it more of an internal fear? Fear that if the plans don’t happen, people will be laughing behind our backs? and label us as failures?

OR is it more because by not shutting up, we lessen its impact on us and we become less motivated to make it happen? 

Come to think of it, who cares if people know about our passions, the desires of our heart, our most precious dreams? Who cares if the whole world knows our wants and hopes? Who cares if they laugh behind my back, it’s not our concern right? They can laugh all they want; it’s their choice, anyway.

I am sure they want the same thing, right? Or maybe, they have this super-duper negative energy that could take that dream away? Lol! That’s real power, huh?

When people with full trust in you share their dreams... 

I dream of having a house and lot
I dream of becoming sexy
I dream of winning the LOTTO 
I dream of having a green card
I dream of having a husband someday
I dream of becoming rich and famous
I dream of becoming a superstar 
I dream of going home
I dream of traveling the world  
I dream of speaking to thousands of men
I dream of a happy family life
I dream of going to US
I dream of going to Africa to help people  

 … starting today, let’s just bless them, let’s pray with them that it will come true, let’s be generous with our thoughts and give it to them, let’s just try to be kind and send forth our well-wishes even in our minds.

Because, it is God who planted that dream within them, and let's just respect that.

Because, we are making a difference. In a world full of negativity, hate, and drama, we can still, in our own little ways, light a candle and shine.
Because, I still believe, for as we do to our neighbors, we do to ourselves... we do to God.

May our dreams come true today.


-day 250

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