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No Arrest!


My son, Mimoi, came home from school one day with a sticker on his shirt.

I asked him, "What is this?"

He told me, "Oh, the policemen came to our class.. but they didn't arrest us!"


Talk about perception at an early age. It may have come from the movies he's watching and maybe, when he hears us say "the policeman is coming" when he is being naughty.

He continued sharing his story about dialing 911 during emergencies and the need to buckle their seat belts when riding a school bus.

It is nice to hear how excited he is to be in school again and gain new friends in the process.

It has been 4 years now since they left Philippines and I know, though not intentional, I have deprived them of being with their grandparents and relatives and what "playing outside" experience really means...

But, I know it's all for good....

For as long he lives a life of integrity, respect, courage and responsibility, for sure he'll continue to mirror the same to all our policemen out there.

No arrest.


-day 229

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