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Attracting Little Things

I would like to believe that my experiences are simply because of pure luck or coincidences but are they really?

I want to eat Goldilocks polvoron. Very specific. Polvoron, a yummy shortbread made of flour, milk, sugar and nuts specifically made by Goldilocks, a company in the Philippines. Their products are also being exported worldwide.

I asked my husband about, maybe, asking a friend to buy it for me, since she left to visit her family in the Philippines. Great timing, right? But, decided not to.

The next day, guess, what happened? I visited one of the schools, I was assigned to, and was greeted by one of the Filipino teachers working there, out of the blue, she pulled out a plastic bag full of goodies and gave me Goldilocks polvoron

Did I attract it? Mmm...

Here's more:

I was so sleepy and decided to sleep, but I was afraid somebody might call me, so I turned my cell phone to a silent mode. Just minutes after I went to bed, somebody knocked on the door looking for me!

How lucky could I get?

If there are no coincidences... then, I guess, with just my THOUGHTS I was able to attract the simple Goldilocks polvoron that I yearn for and my fear of being disturbed actually brought me the very thing that I did not want!

Maybe, there is really some truth in the Law of Attraction.

.. and maybe, I could make good use of that law in bringing about people, things and places that I want in my life.

Interesting, huh?

-day 228

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