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Change of Mind

I don't like making future plans. Lol.

Well, maybe, just maybe, I fear that if I make plans, it won't come true. Now, there goes the problem. FEAR. I know that very same fear, will actually create the very thing that I do not want, which is for my plans not happening!

Erase, erase, erase.

I honestly like making goals. Planning for the future. Envisioning things, places, events, people, dreams coming true. I like that.

I just don't want to talk about it to a lot of people or even to a few, because those goals are actually sacred to me, I want it just between me and God.

So I don't talk about it.

BUT, I'm changing my mind, because, I just want to share it this time!!!

Like I always said, my posts in this blog are only for those who are called to read it, Lol!

Anyway, what's the BIG plan?

Mmmm, I changed my mind again. Lol!

.. Do you really want to know? Lol


-day 232

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