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Playing Chess!

I once asked my hubby to answer an abstract IQ test. This was like after 3 years of being married. Guess what? He aced it!

Mmmm, I wouldn't say we have the best relationship ever.. we fight, more on I fight, Lol! Being the eldest, I see myself as a leader, even during school days. - and then MARRIAGE. That's a different ball game altogether!

I fight because I need to submit to his ways of doing things (which makes sense actually) but I'm just too stubborn to admit and to proud to bow down.

So we fight. But through the years, I guessed I've changed - which is good. Because now, I just appreciate God for him.

Coming here in the US with me and the kids means that he'd simply serve us.

Well, when we get our permanent residency then he'll be permitted to work. 

But until then, he's not legally allowed to work, so he works for us. 

He cleans the house, the toilet, the kitchen, the car;  he launders the clothes, hangs it dry, folds it too!; he sews ripped shirts, pants, pillows, makes car seat covers, bags, drapes and curtains; he fixes things, he creates from scratch, he drives, he arranges the living room, the bedroom; the clothes in the closet; the bags; he washes the dishes; cleans the oven; he recycles; he gardens; he sweeps falling leaves and shovels snow; he carries all the heavy bags and stuffs; he carries the water while we walk, lol!....

He's really too good to be true! but he is, well, he's got his moments and pet peeves too like we can't eat in the car nor in the living and bedroom and he doesn't like it if we are LATE for mass- among others! :) .. but mostly I think he's really one-of-a-kind. (Related post here Dennis, the Great and here Dennis and Gardening)

... and then he asked me to play CHESS with him.

I lost.


-day 206

P.S. I cook, Lol!

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