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Love Lessons

SHE confides her love life, the heartaches, the unfinished business..

I listened.
Told her I won’t say I know how you feel because I don’t.
Never experienced it.

I listened.
That’s what she needs.

After some time…
SHE rattles on again with the difficulty of long distance affairs, of loving and being left hanging…

I speak.
Long Distance Affairs can really be difficult.. but different difficulty degrees to different types of relationship..
Loving .. oh yes we can chat all day and night!
Left Hanging? … Expecting a phone call and yet the phone doesn’t ring, anticipating a text and it doesn’t come? Longing for an e-mail, and offline message but still nada?

I’ve shared my dreams with him, he ruined my life!
How could he?!!!

Yes I know I have to move on.. But it is still easier said than done!
I am hurting!.. a lot!

I hate him!!!!!
I hate him!!!!

I guess, no matter what our intentions are, the healing process must be undergone personally.

No matter how many words we utter
Words of encouragement, support..
They will simply remain words..

Until after the person learned the lesson and make it her own

Until then we can only do so much…

This is for you… hope and pray that you will soon learn to forgive him, and yourself.. 

It is only with true forgiveness that you learn the greatest lesson ever…

Love hasn’t left you…

-day 118
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