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Doing the Right Thing

I have a high regard for doctors. 

In my mind, because of the years of education that they had, I feel they could not go wrong. Plus, I feel  like it's a powerful field to be into.

I have full trust in their decision-making capabilities, in their skill to make people well, and in their generosity to share their knowledge.

It saddens me to know that not all doctors are like that in the real world. 

But, glad to know that doctors I know are commendable, service-oriented and real givers.

I read an article from Ron White's emailed newsletter about Integrity. It's an eye-opener, not just in the medicine field but in all fields of life. 

Read on... 

Zig Ziglar on Integrity by Zig Ziglar
Major surgery requires not only a skilled surgeon, but also a number of skilled assistants to make certain that everything happens as it should. They function as a team. No one person, regardless of how brilliant he or she is, could pull off a major operation alone.
A new head nurse was starting her first assignment in a major medical center. She was in charge of all the nurses on the operating room team. She had full responsibility for performing all the duties nurses perform. When the surgery was complete, the surgeon said, "Okay, it's time to close the incision. I need the sutures."
The new head nurse responded, "Doctor, you used twelve sponges; we've only removed eleven." The surgeon assured her that all of the sponges had been removed and he was ready to suture. She replied, "Doctor, you used twelve sponges; only eleven have been removed." With a bit of irritation in his voice, the doctor said, "I will accept full responsibility." The nurse's temper flew and she apparently stomped her foot and said, "Doctor, think of the patient!"
When she said that, the doctor smiled, lifted his foot and revealed the twelfth sponge. He looked at the nurse and said, "You'll do." Her integrity had been tested; she passed with flying colors. 

The question is, how many of us, under identical circumstances, would have risked offending the surgeon, remembering that there was a possibility we had miscounted? 

But this nurse felt the patient's life and health were at stake and she, without hesitation, did the right thing. 

Over the long haul, that's the best way to get to the top and stay there. 

I admire CVTSA Doctors, they have years of experience, expertise, knowledge, good morals and ethics. Patients have written a number of testimonials about their successes.

Message from CVTSA.

At CVTSA, we are pleased to provide surgical care to patients from across the Washington, DC metropolitan area. This year, we worked with Inova Heart and Vascular Institute to compile our cardiac and thoracic surgery outcomes into the following annual report. You can download and print this report or if you would like a hard copy, please call our Communications Office at (703) 280-5858 ext.1103. We will be happy to mail you a copy.  

Here's a video on Mitral Valve Surgery done by Mitral Valve Surgeons.

To make an appointment at any of their offices, please call (703)280-5858.

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