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To continue my ... in my bridge post, I've just crossed one bridge! Yay!

The reason for my two weeks absence in the social media in my Becoming Anti-Social post was actually to study for a licensure test. 

It was the "WAITING" time that I am not sure I like the most, but, I guess, one only needs to be creative, productive and sane during the waiting time to be able to cope!, thus the ... in my bridge!!!

Good news! I've got the results early today and I've passed! Wooohooo!!!

You see I've finished all 33 academic units in MA in SPED major in Gifted Education in the Philippines, but I wasn't able to do the Comprehensive Exam and Thesis - coming here in the US, didn't make it any easier! - because of time lapsed, they said, I would need to start over! 

So, to make it a "finished business" for me - I decided to take the licensure test in Gifted Education via The Praxis Series™ - the tests used for licensing and certification.

I thank my parents and my husband for their prayers (they were the only ones who knew about it!).

I made it! :)) Thank you God!

... more bridges to go! :))

Happiness! :))

1. Will I teach Gifted Students? No, not in my timeline yet.
2. What is it all about? Just that - for certification purposes only. LOL!

But it sure feels good! :))

-day 110

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