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I have a big problem.

I think I just had a writer's block!

The thing is my husband and I have started watching this TV series called "Maging Sino Ka Man", just 2 nights ago! ... my this show is addicting! Maybe that's why I can't seem to write anything! My mind is pretty preoccupied! hehe

According to Wikipedia, Maging Sino Ka Man (lit. Whoever You May Be) is a critically acclaimed Filipino primetime drama series that premiered on ABS-CBN on October 9, 2006. Book 1 ended on May 25, 2007. Due to it's success, a sequel was aired on December 10 the same year it ended.

Well, I guess, I've found a good resource!!! Since I am now reading the plot via Wikipedia hehe...

There are 12 parts in Book 1 and well, we are just on Part 1. We will be watching this for days for sure! I just warned hubby not to watch the drama without me!

Now, I have added something to do! Yay!

My weekends have become busy. Remember I am now playing volleyball, badminton and soccer during weekends! Fun!!! and yes, my body aches! Ouch...

Guess, I'm no longer blocked!

Let's see tomorrow! Lol!

-day 130

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