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I am back! :)

I am back!!!

What happened?

I needed to focus on some studying. Now, it was over and done with. Good luck to me! :))


1) Without FB, I was able to have more personal time with family. 
2) I had the best sleep ever! complete bed rest! (See now that I'm back, everyone's asleep, it's 12 midnight and I'm still in my computer!!! hmmmm)
3) The time-out was good!

But now I am back! 

Back to blogging! 
Back to time-management! 
Back to writing my adventures in living, loving and learning at Pinoy Teacher Stories. 
Back to my weight goal challenge here

Back to

OR best yet follow no structure at all! 

I owe myself 14 blog posts!!!

Wherever daily tides may bring! I am back to the world of Blogosphere! Yay! :)


Day 75 is here!!!

- Day 76


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