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Becoming Anti-Social

Starting today, I will be taking my hiatus from the social networking sites and blogosphere. 

I promise to make up the 14 write-ups when I get back on March 11, 2012. My 60th day report on THE CHALLENGE (of losing weight in 90 days!) will be moved on March 12, 2012. I am excited to see your results too! :)

I simply need to focus on what's important and it's coming up in two week's time!

This will be my FIRST TIME to ever do this, be away from the networking sites to just FOCUS.

But then again, I have always been wondering what my life would be without FACEBOOK. So, might as well take advantage of this time. I will be writing about this experience for sure!

For the meantime, please feel FREE to browse around and see what you missed in the 73 posts I have so far, in my 365 day project! 

A new page has been posted, I hope you noticed. ABOUT. In this page, I have written my blogging history and sites I've created and maintained through the years. Please check it out!:)

I am also happy to share that I now have my own custom domain at Blogger!!!! Yay!:)

It's up and running and waiting for you to uncover! I hope you will!

Thank YOU for taking the time to come back and read some more!

I hope to see YOU again in two weeks!

Missing this already! :(


-day 74-


  1. 14 days of absence to networking sites! Hope to see your posts when you get back online.I already experienced what life is w/o FB when we moved to US for good and I survived.


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