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To be or not to be?

Here’s the recap of the lessons on wealth and money so far:

Lesson #1 What am I seeing?

How comfortable are you with the idea of wealth, money, and becoming rich? How open are you to the idea of changing one’s money belief to attract what we really wanted and what we really deserved?

A lot of us just "unconsciously" don’t want money and wealth. We all have our own negative beliefs about money and can't seem to let go.

Unless, we can see it in our minds, it will be impossible to achieve it.

Lesson #2 What won’t I do? 

What are you unwilling to do to make your dreams come true?

Excuses, we are just so full of it. “To a person who wants, he will always have ways to do it, those who don’t, plenty of excuses.”

Lesson #3 Are you ready?

Are you ready to attract wealth and money by simply being, becoming and knowing?

Mind you, this takes a lot of doing! To be, means to embrace all that is, to pay the price, to give, to let go, to take control, to know thy self, to be ready to accept changes, to take risks, to experiment and to give control.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Are you ready to leap with me?


-day 62-

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