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A man who fears suffering is already suffering from what he fears. -Michel de Montaigne

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Am I discounting his feelings?

My husband worries a lot about things that probably not going to happen. (Chicken Little & the sky falling) For example today I told him we had new neighbors and they had a 13 yo boy and he responded with "that is peeping tom age" I responded like I usually do with head nods. He says that I am discounting his feelings because I think he is over reacting...he thinks he is taking care of his family. Do you think I am being rude? And what do I say to try to express myself w/out making him feel like he does not matter?

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Best if you can make him relate or share to you what he fears.
An open and honest communication would make him express his feelings toward certain issues.
We may just be seeing the tip of an iceberg, but deep within lies so much more...
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Everyone had great answers & made it hard to decide the best. UR answers really help put things N2 perspective. THANKS!!

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