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Constant Fried!

Every time I'd open our refrigerator, I’d see carrots, potatoes, raisins, cabbage, eggs, broccoli, ham, sausage, ginger, milk, chicken, poultry, beef (I love going to Walmart and buy you know...) and guess what our breakfast would be? Yes, fried eggs. Same refrigerator, same contents, and our lunch would be? Your right! fried sausage. Dinner? Well, it would be fried chicken! :) 

It’s a constant struggle for me to cook, especially during weekends, because I am forced to!!! 

Oh my, talk about Our HOUSE ARREST this Winter Break!!! – I really thank God for friends who invited us to dinners, birthday parties, Christmas parties, get-together parties this Christmas time… I got to breathe in and breathe out, without having to look at our refrigerator and cook the same thing!!! Thank God for friends who shared their food to bring home... good enough to last until another party time! Lol!

OK we are not in the Philippines, had we been in the Philippines this will definitely NOT be a CHALLENGE! Why? Because, Ate Nhon and Mommy will rescue us! Hahaha

I don’t know how to cook, friends would teach me how, say, ADOBO, Oh, I have different versions! Never the same taste! Lol! Let me not tell you about my first fried egg! Well, until now, I still haven’t perfected my fried eggs!!! Terrible!

I thought I was normal, really! Until I shared this cooking passion of mine to a friend and told her exactly what I am writing now, ME and MY REFRIGERATOR! I told her what I have and she said, good, you could have Menudo or Afritada or Beef Brocolli for lunch or dinner...  HA??? 

How is it possible that we can look at the same things and think differently???

How is it possible that we can look or have the same things and produce different results???

I’m in trouble! Well, I always am, especially because I have a husband to feed!!! Lol!

Funny, how it relates to God’s gift of life and blessings, how we may have the same things, be it big or small, and yet think differently and produce different results...

For now, the first step, I guess, would be to quit saying “I don’t know how to cook”, because the more I say it, the more it actualizes!

Let me look at our refrigerator again... Mmmm... mmmm... It's time to sleep. :)

God bless Gemma! err God bless Gemma's friends! Lol!

~Happy 2012~

 -day 19-

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