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lessons learned
I’ve learned my lessons this 2011. 


The Real SECRET is that even if there is Imbalance and even if we get StReSsEd!!! We proclaim “I am RICH! :)and it will happen if we stop making EXCUSES.

The Real SECRET is we just need to Say IT! and Don't Miss It!

We will always have the power to create our own stories. I’ve got My 5,000 pesos story and I Promised., This is for you Mommy!!!

We all have a choice to learn now or next time maybe? It is really not for all Nope, not for all...

2012 I welcome you with open arms, as I claim I am RICH! :) really I am RICH! :) Say IT!. Say IT!. Say IT!. Let’s Say IT!. together!!!

May we all our dreams come true this prosperous, bountiful and exciting 2012!

-day 18-

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