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“I realize that I will never have control of what other people think of me, what they say about me or what other people told them about me… all these, I have no control of BUT, I can control ME. People will always have something to say, but at the end of the day, what matters is what I am saying to myself! People may pressure me because, I do not conform to their social ways, but that doesn’t matter, for as long as I know who I am and what direction I am going, then I am fine.”

Or am I?

There are many forms of stress. The one stress that is beyond our control and that we shouldn’t even try to control is the behavior of other people. Particularly, people who back fight, people who falsely accuse you, or people who just want to make you feel bad.

I learned early on that we cannot please everybody. There will always be people who are for us, and against us, and along the way lessons will be learned. I held on to that.

My funny story was that yesterday, my boss came to tell me that a principal called for him telling him about an issue on me. The head teacher reported that the new teacher told her that I declared that I am her boss and that even she, the head teacher, is under me! – Wow! A real made up story coming from a supposed to be professional! There’s no truth to it at all!!

Never in my wildest dream would there be a need for that! I mean, if I’m the real boss, my subordinates would have already known right?! It makes no sense! First and foremost, if I did say it, what value will it give me, will it increase my paycheck? no, right? Second of all, what will power- tripping do to me if my job is simply to support them with their work? and Third of all, why would she lie? why would the new teacher put words into my mouth and accuse me of something I didn’t even say?!!!

Some would flare up knowing that and I did too.. so I told my boss what happened and what didn’t happen the day I met with the new teacher, who was with us the whole time and told him my story. I even asked permission to send an email to the head teacher who’s been lied to and/or meet with everybody, just so everything will be cleared. I even proposed to my boss to hear the new teacher’s side just so he is seeing the two sides of a coin.. No Fears!

People handle stress differently. In the old days, I would have been confrontational about it. This time, I’ve decided on a more responsible way of doing things, follow my boss. He told me to let it be. He said, I have done nothing wrong so there is no need for further response. It is a new direction for me, the road less traveled, and decided to go for it. Not to control the uncontrollable. I let it be.

So today, I greeted my boss, Good morning Mr., from the boss, the boss speaks and had a laugh about it, and he told me the new teacher is now looking for another job.. too early a karma.

I’m still pondering on where the new teacher is coming from, but instead of looking at it in the victim mode, I didn’t, you see- it’s all good in the end, for truly, I’m the boss. I am the boss of my own thoughts. I am the boss of my own creative world. I control me. I am unique and I am incomparable. I lead me to my heart’s desires.

I have no control of what people may think, say, or do behind my back. For as long as I am at peace with how I treat people and myself, for as long as I know who I am and what direction I am going then I’m good.

Finally, you know what, maybe, she’s not telling lies after all, because, who knows, she may be prophesying and I’ll really become the head teacher’s boss someday! How fun would that be? :)

And so it is.


  1. head teacher's boss someday would be so fun haha!! yeah! a lot of stress in everyday life who'll knows what will happen xx

  2. i got extremely sick the last time i got overstressed. so take a break :)


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