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Say IT!

"Show what you feel in relationships. If you feel like crying, cry your eyes out! When you feel like laughing, laugh your eyes out. Scream when you want to scream. Roll on the floor. Surprise everybody!"
"Please don’t wait to communicate your feelings!"

This came from Leo Buscaglia's book Living, Loving and Learning.
(click his name to know more about it.)

For now, you would have known that I am a fan! Yes, I am!

Just Say IT!

I hate it when my husband will not talk to me because I did something wrong! I do not know why he needs to pamper the pain!!!

I am his exact opposite because I just simply communicate what I feel, well, tactless at times but, I need the communication part, so that when I’m done with it, then it’s done. 


There are people who are afraid to communicate their feelings to the point that instead of directly telling "what's bugging them" with the particular person; they would rather spread it out! This is so funny! 

If we are all here to learn our lessons and to grow, then we need people to help us out. One sure way to do that is if we, ourselves, are willing to directly tell a person how we are feeling; and through that maybe we can ignite change, in a way. 

Don't keep it to yourself!

Sometimes we are conscious of what we are doing, but you know what? Most of the times, we are not. 

I am guilty of that most of the time especially to my husband! Maybe, because I know he is kind and will readily forgive (after hours of being in his cage). 

But, communication is the only way for every relationship to thrive. No one will ever know what one is feeling if you will not say it! 


Say it! Make them feel it! Just please talk!!!

Otherwise, you will be pampering your own pain; and the one that caused you pain, does not have any inkling what has happened (for it maybe unconsciously done, or maybe consciously done) and you will never know too, unless you are willing to put your heart out and communicate honestly, openly and with full trust.

This 2012, let’s be willing to NOT WAIT and just say what we need to say, because in saying so, you’ll free yourself from the pain, worries or hate; because in saying so, you know you’ll free that person from his or her pain, worries or hate too; and because in saying so, love may bloom. 

Just Say IT!


-day 12-

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