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Toilet to Tap

Imagine, a glass of water with a brilliance of a well-cut diamond coming from your tap. Looks good, tastes good, quenches thirst. Period. 

Don’t think anymore. Don’t even ask.

Just be thankful for the water in front of you. Just go about doing your daily business and do not get curious at all.

It is what it is, because ladies and gentleman, you’ve just drunk a highly purified toilet bowl water.


Stop it, because the truth is all water is being recycled over and over, all water is recycled water. It just so happens that we have limited access to freshwater resources and so this is the safest, most environmental friendly alternative to drinking water.

Great isn’t it? So, continue wasting your water, pollute the earth and waste your energy resources some more. We have the technology and the solution: toilet water. Hurray! :)

Help me think: 

When will people realize the importance of water? How will you go outside of your box to make a difference?

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