Aloe Vera Experiment - Day 15

My acne breakout started before the year 2012 ended. 

During that time, I was really getting frustrated with the oiliness of my face! I was using Proactive Acne System then, but time just came when my face stopped responding to its Benzoyl Peroxide content. Sad. :(

So knowing I could return online purchases after 30 days of trial, I experimented on different brands! Clinique, Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil products, Life Cell, Neutrogena... in the last quarter of the year!

PLUS, some more factors: the stress and late nights on graduate studies, the dry and cold weather here in New Mexico and the unusual amount of MILK consumption the last month of the year...

RESULT: My face rebelled and declared WAR! Lol!

Points to ponder:

1. I think it would have done me good if I experimented on the products and then gave my skin some time to breathe before applying another chemical! But then again, now I am giving up on CHEMICALS!!! See related post here! Toxic chemicals to avoid posted here!!! Let's go organic, herbal and natural!

2.  I am not a milk drinker but last December I was feeling lazy, since my husband was having his grand vacation, see post here! I just ate cereals and milk for breakfast and lunch for almost a month!!! It may have been the chemicals given to cows to change its hormones so it will keep on producing milk --- and whatever that is, caused me ACNE!!! 

Bottom line, an ORGANIC milk may cost a dollar or more, but worth it!!! than buying ordinary milk.

Back to my story,

For some divine intervention, I happened to read through the benefits of ALOE VERA and this company called L'BRI. So I took the risk, AGAIN! (got nothing to lose that time, it has been a month and my face was getting worse!) So, I tried their sample pack, it was free, I just paid for shipping and handling. 


(I actually bought the actual products even before the sampler pack came in! I just knew I had found my solution! Talk about mind-setting!)

Anyway, here is the result after 15 days of use!!!

I am so loving it!!!

I am still hoping my acne scars will get healed too, it still has the nasty marks but my acne is almost 85% dried up!!!

Let's wait and see some more... I'll post my skin's progress on the 30th day! (Feb. 24, 2013) 

For now, here's me!!!! 

See the skin difference too? My face is getting lighter!!!

Life is good!!!


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(check their site here, email Caty and tell her you read my story!.. I'm not getting any here -monetary wise-  just sharing the love :)

You could wait some more though... I'm waiting for the clearer, better, nicer, baby face .. wish? hehehe

Who knows? right?


The information on this site ( reflects the insights, first-hand experiences and opinions of the owner. Please do not substitute it as medical advise. Be sure to consult your doctor about your individual situation. 

To date, the owner is still researching and experimenting on natural, organic and herbal products that work best for her and maybe could work well for you too! :)


  1. Looks like your face is getting better because of aloe vera treatment. Hope the good effect will continue until that stubborn acne completely goes away.

  2. great news GG so after you healed this "peste acne story" ...try to use the products i suggested you it will make ur acne ever more drier and the skin will divert into baby skin believe it!!!! you need to follow up some second option for your next generation skin headlines hehehe.....goodluck my dear pinsan ok ...hope for the whiter effect one day me if u still need my help. i will be here always. Namaste.

  3. Glad to see the aloe vera treatment is working. I hope it totally eliminates the acne in your face.


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