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A better deodorant!

My daughter Mymy had her first menstruation at 9 years old, very young! I remember I had mine at 12 years old. As part of growing up, is the need for deodorants.

As we were looking for a good deodorant for her, we were lucky to have found Tori's (aluminum-free and paraben-free) deodorant for women that works!

Tori's Deodorant is an Aluminum-free & Paraben-free underarm deodorant for women. It is safe, since it is actually aluminum-free and paraben-free.  

Our choice is the unscented one, since it is perfect for those who are sensitive to fragrances or who don't want it to clash with their perfume and yet is still effective in leaving one on smelling fresh all day long. 

At Tori's they strive to create awareness on the hazards of mainstream deodorants (they contain ingredients that are in correlation with the development of Breast Cancer and Alzheimer's). They are also made in the USA and they give back 2% of profits to support Breast Cancer and Alzheimer's research. 

Instead of just buying any other deodorant with harmful ingredients, we opted to go for this type of deodorant. This is healthy for us, it works, and it gives back to help others. Truly, win, win, win!

 -day 267

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