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I Write Because...

Here's my very first blog post written on October 18, 2006...

My friend Len insisted that I blog! (she is my best buddy in Tambuli Toastmasters Club!) so here I am (follower ha?) but she’s right.. she led me to remember what I am most passionate about… writing. Hey, reading too! hehe

I am reminded of the Australian crocodile hunter Steve Irwin who lived his passion and probably died happy.  As I was prompted to read more of Arnel Arce’s life, when he wrote “I change the world, I teach, I love..” May they rest in peace.

I admire them. It kind of always prompts me to face me and see me. Kind of Check and Balance my reality… kind of like the statement written by a lady named Rosemarie in her blog “Sliding Doors” (her blogs were introduced by Len, I actually do not know her yet but she writes really well!) she wrote “Again, the question is, where would I be if I made a different decision? What if there’s an alternative life that exists, one that followed a path not taken. What would it be like? ..

Path chosen and taken and not she says.. Leading me to ask “What about me? Have I chosen the wrong path? Or Am I just envious, jealous of where they are?.. vis a vis, comparing where I am?..

I am thinking of writing about Happy thoughts, but my mind seems to lead me in this direction. Where am I .. going to?.. What is my purpose? I probably know the answer but I am still being fooled by my reality.. and what I still want achieved.. Because from deep within there’s a lot more.. A lot more that I want seen, a lot more I want heard, touched, felt, hugged, a lot more done in my reality..

I am in the plateau once more.. of wanting to be more.. do more.. Yup, I am one of those who don’t want to be stuck! Who seems to be always seeking.., yearning.. whose soul does not want to rest yet.. who always wants change!

My husband would always tell me to focus, to go to one direction, to stick to it.. thus the public school! Hehe.. in a way I seem to have felt like there’s a missing piece here.. like I have unfinished business here that I want finished! In other words!.. Now I am here and my soul seems to let out again! (History.. worked in 3 set-ups (catholic school, ayala group, Japanese company) good catch: left with positive recognition! Haha.. worked for 2-3 years max per company!!! – how bad is that?)

The case.. Contentment.. human nature I guess or is it just me? And my indecisiveness? Haha.. My husband is correct.. Point taken.. We are at different tier.. and I thank God for his leading, but it will no longer be me if I pacify, stay put, dawdle, slack..Oh no, no, no.. not me anymore.. And he knows that.. so I get more rants haha until he gives up and accept.. (humane ha?)

Gosh! I love writing hehe.. I love the process of unfolding, unraveling, cocooning, de-boning haha as I put the exact words in my piece.. Kind of like a puzzle.. Almost there.. But not quite..  yet!…

It's been more than 6 years... and until now, I still love doing it!:)

What about you? What do you love most doing

Let's keep our passions alive! 


-day 252

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