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Finding Equilibrium

Our neighbors are loudly quarreling tonight. I am not sure what it is all about, it's been 30 minutes now and they are still having a discussion.

It is a good reminder for me to keep quiet, as I could also talk loudly and not mind if anybody hears! Lol!

Good thing they continue to communicate because they get to release whatever feelings and emotions they have of each other. 

When my husband and I would argue, he tends to go to his corner and bottle it all up inside. Totally my opposite. If I need to say something, I say it. I am not the type who would silently cradle my feelings. I need to let it out, and once I do that, I'm good. I could forget about it already.

I like it too if he'd talk it out, because I could be a slow learner when it comes to understanding what's wrong. I'd usually choose my battles and not sweat the small stuffs. Well, apparently those small stuffs would get on his nerves and would be the cause of the big fight stuffs. Lol.

Well, the voices upstairs have lowered down. Good. At least they are now beginning to understand, I hope, and settle their differences.

My husband would usually need to sleep it off before he could let out his hurt feelings.

So the rule of marriage, to never go to sleep with an argument unsettled doesn't apply to us. Lol.

As much as I want things to be settled instantly, I can't. 

I have to respect his healing time and since he needs time-out, I just need to give it to him.

Well in 12 years, thank God for our neighbors upstairs, I just realized... I am always the cause why my husband wants time-out! Lol!

Peace be with him. Lol!

As for our neighbors, they are still talking... I hope they find peace too soon! 

-day 238

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