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Going Herbal!

The truth is we will all grow older, we will all become mature. The good news is there is always a solution to delay the process.


Anti-aging creams! Well, search Google and you’ll see an abundance of anti-aging creams in the whole wide world!

Most are chemical based, unfortunately.

What’s interesting is this site in Herbal Chinese Medicine called Solstice Medicine blog, they offer anti-aging creams and anti-aging herbal supplements that uses Ginseng as one of its main ingredient!


Ginseng has been used for medicinal purposes for over 5000 years in China.
It was actually originally used as a food, but people quickly recognized its reviving, healing qualities and started to use it in herbal remedies. 

Ginseng has a variety of effective medicinal uses; it can improve muscle tone, decrease blood sugar levels, and balance your metabolism. Ginseng can also help balance and maintain hormone levels. 

Chinese medicine has also recognized ginseng for its ability to improve memory and increase vitality. Ginseng can extend your endurance, combat fatigue, help remove stress, prevent headaches, fight insomnia, and boost your immune system so you can fight off illness. 

It has also been used to improve sexual dysfunction and generally strengthen the body. Ginseng has been proven an effective herbal remedy for thousand of years. 

Anti-aging herbal supplement.

This anti-aging herbal supplement is called Ching Chun Bao Anti-aging Tablets - Herbal Supplement . It uses traditional Chinese medicine to promote organ health and strengthen immune system. So, it will actually make you feel younger from inside out!.

There are also offering face cream to prevent and treat wrinkles and provides a youthful appearance. They also have Chinese pearl cream to help shield your skin from the sun’s ray while it moisturizes for a smooth complexion Your skin will have a youthful, healthy glow.

But if you want a product that could help you feel younger from inside out, my best bet will be the taking the herbal supplement. It’s all FDA approved, by the way.

Cheers to a younger looking skin! Let’s go herbal!

This is a paid post.

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