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While driving, a police car passed me by, turned around and followed me. I slowed down. 

It gave a warning for me to stop. I did. 

I was running a lot of excuses in my mind but decided to put it all aside. I prayed instead - Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

A police women came. "Hi!"

I said, "Hello!"

"Ok", she said, "I pulled you over, because you were running at 60mph in a 45 lane".

I said "I'm sorry".

She said "Now do you have driver's license, registration and insurance?"

I said, "Yes".

There was a pause (Oh, I guess, this was the time when I should have given her everything already), she repeated, "So, you do have your driver's license, registration and insurance?"

I said, "Yes", and took out my driver's license. 

She took it, and said, "so you've never been stopped before?"

I said, "No, so it was 60mph really?"

She said "Yes".

I proceeded to get the pile of papers to look for the car's registration and insurance.

I said, "I'm sorry, but I have to look for it", and continued searching for the registration.

She said, "Ok, just hang on for a minute ok?"

I said, "Yes" as I flipped through the papers.

I can't find it!!! But continued with my search.

She came back, "Here's your driver's license"

I took it, puzzled. "So, you won't give me ticket?"

She said, "No, no ticket. Next time, just run at 45mph ok?"

I said, "Yes!, thank you so much!" "Have a safe day!" 

I said, "Thank you, you too!"

1. When a police car pulled you over, PRAY!
2. Follow my husband! He had fun saying "I told you so!!!" too many times when I told him what just happened!
3. I think it also helped that there was a delay in finding the registration and insurance card!
4. It was 12 noon and I guess, the timing, also helped too!
5. Maybe the police woman took pity on me, since I can barely speak (I've got cough and colds!)

Bottom Line!
Follow the road signs!!! 
or I may not get lucky next time!

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Nice huh?


P.S. Just learned that it could have cost $180.00 for the ticket! whoa! Thank God for no ticket!

-day 176


  1. Hahaha!! Work and live here. 75mph on i10 going to boerne and 55mph on frontage road. 60mph wont be bad at all here. My first ever ticket was because of you going through a prepaid lane from harvey to nola and next ticket was for beating the red light because i was following carl's uhaul truck on our way to texas. Hadnt had a ticket since then and dont intend to.

  2. hmmm, I'm guessing that it is a form of verbal warning? hehe

    at least next time observe traffic rules :))

  3. haha I laughed so hard on #1.. I've been driving for only 3 months now. The first violation I got is overspeeding too and overtaking on double lane.. OMG I won't do it again!! ;(

  4. I got few encounters sometimes they are crafty and hide in areas where you can commit and infraction and let you negotiate after.

  5. I always knew prayers can do the impossible except of course if God thinks next time it would be good for us to get a ticket instead, ha ha. Take care!

  6. IN the place where I am right now, there's no police to catch you when you are over speeding but there are several radars out there and once caught, there are no excuses like you have.. hehehe So always stay within the speed limit all the time. It not just keep you safe but also it won't drain your purse. lol

  7. OMG, good thing she didn't give a ticket! $180 is already expensive.
    Here in ARAMCO (Arab American Company) the speed limit is 40 to 50mph.

  8. That is one lucky encounter. We can extend the prayer from when you start your engine to drive, while driving and upon reaching your destination safely. Be safe on the road.

  9. Lucky you! And you didn't have to cough up money. If it happened here, you would've been given a ticket if you didn't bribe the cop (well not always, but most of the time).

  10. Funny yet inspiring at the same time. Simple precepts they are but I tend to ignore them sometimes. And praying, oh how can i forget?

  11. lol. lucky one! at least they didn't issue you a ticket this time. :) good reminder to everyone else too (including me).

  12. good thing that she is a police woman.. i guess? :)

  13. Or just know what the limit is :) you got lucky this time though

  14. Swerte ah! But yeah, even me gets scared every time a friend of mine drives so fast. Nakakanginig. Well, just be safe always while driving.

  15. Awww.. glad that the policewomen let you through with just a warning. A ticket would've hurt. But then again, I wouldn't know so much about speeding or getting tickets, as I can't even drive a car. :P

  16. Well you really got lucky! But I guess one important thing is to know where the important docs are. (although the delay may have helped you a bit but if you come across strict traffic enforcers... thats gonna be a big problem if you dont know where they are)

  17. I should congratulate you by not being fined for overspeeding. ^_^ It's really true that you have to follow the traffic signs and rules next time, or else you may suffer the consequences.

  18. As a future car owner, I got reminded of the need to comply with traffic signs and regulations at all times.

  19. lucky you she's kind and considerate. I got the worst thing. I went straight to a police station coz i bumped into another car. :(
    ~OnlineBiz and Resources

  20. you got lucky!! hahaha!
    told you so!
    I'm liking your husband!

  21. I guess its better to drive slowly and carefully I think. :D

  22. lessons learned... drive slowly and pray fast :)


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