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While driving, a police car passed me by, turned around and followed me. I slowed down. 

It gave a warning for me to stop. I did. 

I was running a lot of excuses in my mind but decided to put it all aside. I prayed instead - Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

A police women came. "Hi!"

I said, "Hello!"

"Ok", she said, "I pulled you over, because you were running at 60mph in a 45 lane".

I said "I'm sorry".

She said "Now do you have driver's license, registration and insurance?"

I said, "Yes".

There was a pause (Oh, I guess, this was the time when I should have given her everything already), she repeated, "So, you do have your driver's license, registration and insurance?"

I said, "Yes", and took out my driver's license. 

She took it, and said, "so you've never been stopped before?"

I said, "No, so it was 60mph really?"

She said "Yes".

I proceeded to get the pile of papers to look for the car's registration and insurance.

I said, "I'm sorry, but I have to look for it", and continued searching for the registration.

She said, "Ok, just hang on for a minute ok?"

I said, "Yes" as I flipped through the papers.

I can't find it!!! But continued with my search.

She came back, "Here's your driver's license"

I took it, puzzled. "So, you won't give me ticket?"

She said, "No, no ticket. Next time, just run at 45mph ok?"

I said, "Yes!, thank you so much!" "Have a safe day!" 

I said, "Thank you, you too!"

1. When a police car pulled you over, PRAY!
2. Follow my husband! He had fun saying "I told you so!!!" too many times when I told him what just happened!
3. I think it also helped that there was a delay in finding the registration and insurance card!
4. It was 12 noon and I guess, the timing, also helped too!
5. Maybe the police woman took pity on me, since I can barely speak (I've got cough and colds!)

Bottom Line!
Follow the road signs!!! 
or I may not get lucky next time!

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Nice huh?


P.S. Just learned that it could have cost $180.00 for the ticket! whoa! Thank God for no ticket!

-day 176

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