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Daddy's Girl!

Dearest Daddy,

I know I am your little girl, Lol! Not little anymore, but in your heart I will always be right? Growing up you were always calling out my name.. always looking for me! I guess, I always seemed to have my own agenda Lol!

I remember when I failed to recognize you when you decided to come home to surprise us. I opened the door, and asked who you were. You looked different, you just came from Saudi Arabia with all the beard and mustache! Lol! I think I burst into tears knowing what I just did! Lol!

Daddy, I just want to thank you for all the sacrifices you have done to our family. Thank you for the many years that you have been an OFW just to support our studies. Education, you and mommy would always say is the only inheritance you could give us and it won't be taken away from us. Thank you for the gift of education.

I was able to study in Manila because of your trust, confidence and belief in me. Thank you. Thank you for the many opportunities that you have given me and my brothers to achieve our dreams and goals in life. We would never have achieved so much if not because of you and mommy's support, unconditional love and trust.

I love being your girl, well, you have no choice, since I am your only daughter! Mmm, not anymore, because I've got sisters-in-law already! Lol.

There are more dreams to conquer, more goals to achieve, more wishes to come true! Let's hold on to that! Happy Father's Day! You are heaven-sent! 

We love you Daddy!!!

Love and Kisses,

Gigi, Don-don and Jun-jun
Dennis, Mymy and Mimoi
Monette and Chic

-day 179

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