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Kid's Morning Prayers

I drive my kids and a friend's daughter to school. 

As soon as I start the car, we'd pray. It has become a habit already. I'd start the prayer and then they would one by one, say their prayers too.

My youngest would always say, "God bless the trees, God bless the houses, God bless the sun, the moon, the cars..."

My eldest would say, "God help us do good in school, bless the sick people in the hospitals so they would get well.."

A friend's daughter would pray differently every time, she'd pray about China, the floods, bad people...

and then we'd all say AMEN.

It is a good morning habit. It also prompts the kids to be grateful and constantly be aware of God's goodness in our lives. 

It is a joy to be with kids and hear them speak their minds. It is a pleasure to listen to them praising God and thanking God for all the beautiful things that He has done for us.

In our own little ways, let us continue to spread God's love through our words, actions and silence. As we aim to be better persons, let us continue to be patient and forgiving for the many times we have failed to be loving.

Let the children be our inspiration, their innocence and purity of hearts, we can always emulate.


-day 136

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