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Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!!

“Wake up!!! Time to wake up! Mang Terio is here already! You all need to wake up!!!” 

I remember Mommy shouts at us during our school years! 

Funny, but she did that every morning and we never seemed to learn and get tired of it (it has become a habit- after a while, we needed the "shout" to wake up! lol!).  

She’s our time element!

Mommy would always tell us to do well in our studies, that education would be the only inheritance we would get from them – and that inheritance would never be taken away from us.  

She’d always tell us that her father, our grandfather, would encourage her to just do her best. 

She said a 75% grade was A-OK, at least she was able to pass!  

He never discouraged her growing up. He was always her number one fan! 

Just like how she has been to us, during our school days and even up to now. 

She would always make sure we got something for trying our best, even a peso! 

Giving us something was her way of encouraging us, especially if we got high grades in our tests and report cards.  

She was proud we got 75% and especially if higher! We were happy to get the money too!  

She's our #1 supporter! 

Mommy was never an employee. 

She's a self-made woman. 

She’d tell us that at a young age, she was able to open up her own parlor business so she could attend college. 

After that, there were offers for her to work in an office but she declined. 

She said you’re freer and could earn so much more if you own a business than being in the office. 

During our growing years, she put up her own sewing business – made-to-order curtains, pillow sheets and bed sheets. 

She joined Tupperware and became top sales agent.  

She’s a go-getter!

Mommy was an OFW wife. 

Daddy went to Saudi Arabia during our school years just so we could attend a private school. 

I was a product of Catholic private school and university all the way! 

Thanks to how she budgeted the money from daddy and from her own little businesses. 

Through her effort and keen mind, she went ahead on her own and loaned from a bank to purchase our house and lot because she didn't want to waste money renting anymore

She made sure there was food on the table, bills were paid and we got our allowances and project fees on time.  

She’s a very good financial manager! 

She’s prayerful, trusting and positive believer. 

She said in times when she needed help and support, even up to now, she would and will just go to the church and pray. 

God was and still is her best friend.  

Up to now, nothing will bring her down or even if there is, she handled and continues to handle it well - God is with her. 

She's got this BIG FAITH. 

She knows that whatever her mind can conceive, she will achieve!  

She's our Mommy! 

Mommy's one-of-a-kind! 

We would never have gotten this far had it not been for her and her one-of-a-kind caring, nurturing, protecting, smart and loving way.

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!!
We love you very much!!!

-day 142

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