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Gemma's Books on Amazon

Run, Gemma, RUN!

After too long years we played children's game again! 

Cebuanos call it "Buwan-buwan".

My heart was pumping hard!!! This was way better than Zumba!

The game also got me thinking to start running as a form of exercise already!


1. I want to fit into my old pants again!
2. I've been delaying this activity for too long already! Too many excuses - not good!
3. I want my "recollection/retreat" time - this could be it!

It was a great way to end our Spring break- I wish we'll have snow day tomorrow! Lol!

Thanks playmates!

March 17, 2012
Bebeth's residence
Farmington, New Mexico

Photographer: Mario Mari

-day 93-

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