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Meet the 88 year old!


My 88 turning 89 year old active and still employed as 
Special Ed Teacher friend taught me the most valuable thing in losing weight. 

What is? Down-to-minimum-SUGAR-intake!

She said in two weeks I’ll lose 10 pounds! 

She also advised me to look at the Nutrition Information at the back of the package. 

Less than 4g is OK but more than that, I need to be wary.

No candies, no dough nuts, no chocolates, no cakes, no ice creams, no cookies, and no to all sweets! 

Her tips: (from her own words – she typed it!)
1. Minimum Salt intake - Salt is deadly.

2. Water - Lots of water, and I hate water.  
My drunken friend of seventy years always tells me that water is deadly!

3. Milk-  at least a quart daily, unless you are allergic.

4. Exercise -  get up from the table! “push the plate away”…. Best exercise!

5.  High protein - my daughter after serious operations needs a 
high protein duty, and put me on it.

Her message:
“Love your neighbor – hate kills you!” – Meadow Lark* (her pseudonym)

She is turning 89 this March, and she is still mentally and physically capable! 

She is healthy, she stands straight, her mind is sharp and yes -she also uses the computer pretty well 
(except for forgotten passwords and what-page-to-go-to and what-to-do-with-this-page issues) 
but nonetheless,  

she is one amazing woman! 

 What do you think?


P.S. The Meadow Lark* is looking for a hawk over 90. LOL!

-day 47-

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