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What's your EXCUSE?
Oh, how we love to make excuses!

In all honesty, we know that there are infinite possibilities. It’s actually scary sometimes, because, our dreams are not impossible but could really come true!!! 

It is just a matter of focusing our thoughts and acting on it and it will happen!

A very simple rule, and yet we seem to always have our excuse!

You know what the truth is? The truth is, we know it is not impossible, we are simply lazy. So we make our long list of excuses!


- It is more convenient for us to watch TV all day than start working on that project that we have long been thinking of.
- It is more fun to talk about another person’s marriage failure and problems than to start looking at our own and doing something about it.
- It is more easy and simple to live day in and day out asking for support from parents and relatives than to start our own living.

We are so good at making excuses that we are even able to make others around us believe that we have no more choice.

Crap. We always have a choice.

We will always have a choice. Let’s not wait for the doctor to tell us we only have so much time to live before we finally start doing what we really love! 

Shhhhhhhh … no more excuses, please!

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