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Gemma's Books on Amazon

What will you choose?

Wouldn’t it be nice if these things happen soon?

* Receiving unexpected million dollar check in the mail (yes! your name's written in the check!)
* Receiving titles of your very own houses and lots. (not just two nor three but five!)
* Receiving round trip tickets to countries of your choice! (choose your pick! - Europe, Canada, USA)

BUT, what about if….

… you write a million dollar check to someone you don't even know (yes just a million dollars!)
… you give out five of your houses and lots and name it to your friend's friend or better yet your ex! :)
… you send a New Year’s gift of round trip tickets to countries of choice to someone you met an hour ago, just because...

What will make you feel happier? Being the giver or the receiver?

A must-read Thomas Willhite's Living Synergistically. This book is published by PSI WORLD. PSI World and its affiliated corporations have been formed to bring peace to the world. We believe that to accomplish our goals, we must first find peace within ourselves as individuals. It is people who bring peace to society, not the reverse. "Living Synergistically" must come from within.
It begins with you... me... and us.

Choose wisely.

-day 16-

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