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How I Passed My Math Test With Confidence

I am continually challenged by Math even in elementary days. 

Our elementary math teacher would force us to memorize the multiplication table (she would “drill” us and made us stand in class if we couldn’t tell the correct answer on her flash cards!).

High school math was even more challenging but I would always try my best and would end up getting a good grade at the end of the school year.

In college, we had a very organized teacher. She wrote her own math workbook and sold it to us, her students. It was very witty of her, I know. But the way she presented her material was easy to follow and allowed her students to practice or do remediation if needed.

I did not major in Ma. I remember I failed BS Mathematics entrance exam in college, hehe) Math is hard because I need to think!…

BUT I would always convince myself that if I only knew the process, the technique in solving it, I would be able to get the correct answer.. just a matter of time, practice and simple belief.

Well, that belief has not left me. because until now, I would still convince myself I am good in Math.. that in time I would be able to get the correct answer even if I only need a minute to answer each problem.

In my wanting to put my belief a reality, here was what I did.

First, I accepted the summer job to teach Math to Middle School students in New Orleans! One good thing to know if I was understanding 

Second, with my confidence and belief, I could make use of this skill to a greater good. I courageously and “quietly” signed up to take the Praxis Middle School Mathematics test. This will allow me to add-on another Louisiana certificate in my current Special Education teaching certificate.

So come July 25, armored with my self-proclaimed Math skills, I took the test… it has 40 multiple choice and 3 constructed response questions…

Leaving the test center, I KNOW it would take a MIRACLE by August 25 (date of results) for me to PASS.

And I did! MIRACLE indeed! the passing score is 148. I got 149!!! Yahoooo!!!

I THANK GOD there is power in believing :)

I THANK GOD for all the Math teachers in my life! :)

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