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A Knowing…

I live my life knowing that my prayers are already answered. What about you? Do you live your life knowing that your prayers are already answered?

This is a bold statement that I am trying to ingest as I write. To live my life knowing my prayers have already been answered. A great faith and yet it feels scary. Scary because it is not human-like. It seems that 100% there is nothing to worry about, nothing to fear, nothing to be scared of, nothing to even think about but my wants, needs, dreams and goals. A perfect statement?

So when I say I live my life knowing my prayers are already answered. What I am actually telling myself are three things:

First thing is Let Go and Let God.

To let go of my need to force things to happen. To let go of worries, fears, and just be like the birds in the skies free as they just let it be. To just give it up and Let God take control.

It’s also easy to say but sometimes it’s pretty difficult to put into action. But then say, we have a problem, sometimes, after all the effort, the best way really to solve it is to give it up – because the more we worry about it, the more energy we put into it which makes it alive.

When we let go and Let God take control, it’s like we do everything in our power first and then we take a back seat and let God take the wheel to drive our lives.

Second thing is To think is to Create.

MmmmThere is something about our way of thinking. Our thoughts create. Whatever our thoughts are happens. That’s why there is a saying, be careful what you think of or wish for, it comes true. Our thoughts reap results- positive or negative. Positive thinking doesn’t offer guarantees but it gives us the best chance. Positive thinkers think about what’s possible. In concentrating on the possibilities, we make things happen.

Being positive for a day won’t do it. Strengthening your mind is like strengthening your body. If we do twenty push-ups, and then race over to the mirror, we won’t see any difference. Similarly, if we think positive for 24 hours, we will see a little difference. But discipline our thinking for a few months and we will see even bigger changes in our lives than we’ll ever see at the gym. Cleaning up our thinking is a life long work. It is huge! It’s made even harder because, often, we don’t even know we are being negative when we’re being negative.

If we want to check our thinking, check our life. Our prosperity, happiness and the quality of our relationships, even our health are a reflection of our most common conscious thoughts.

Third thing is To be at Peace…

Being at peace. Desiderata. Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there maybe in silence… Therefore be at peace with God.. whatever you conceive Him to be.. and whatever your labors and aspirations in the noisy confusion of life..keep peace in your soul.

You see when I was young, I have always believed that there are only purposes made in heaven, there is no such thing as coincidence.. I have always believed at the same time that life only gives lessons for me to learn and when I get to learn the lesson, I move on. If not life ,will continue to give the same tests but in different shade, color, form, occasion and setting.. yet the same lesson. So my thinking is that there are really no problems, because there are solutions. I have always thought of a glass as half full than half empty.

I live my life knowing my prayers are already answered. I will let this be my shout-out everyday. My daily affirmation. There’s nothing to lose but everything to gain. I live my life knowing my prayers are already answered, and without a doubt, it will be.

Everyone, let’s live our lives knowing that our prayers are already answered that way we will learn to let go and let God, create positive things and keep peace in our soul.

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