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Believing is Seeing

To God be the Glory and Praise!

The day I was given notice of non-renewal as Sped Teacher in HS, 4 months ago, I wrote this and held on to it! ” I believe that something GREAT will happen in my life soon!” I just believed it would happen, I don’t know what is or how to get there, I just believed with all my heart and soul that something GREAT will happen in my life!

Friends would speculate about my job status then, but I chose not to focus on it, and just looked at possibilities! My family and I would attend gatherings and summer celebrations bringing no baggage, no fear, no negativity. I had chosen to enjoy the food, mingled with friends with no thought of what just transpired in my teaching status. I chose not to think about it, not to ponder on the loss, and just thought that GOD is simply too big for anything!

True enough, plans my husband and I talked about, we just made it happen – job fairs, online applications, telephone inquiries and interviews. I didn’t stop, I just did what needed to be done. My thinking was I will get there, but still relied on what God wanted me to do,I followed His lead and command. The amazing thing was as I did, He did more! He was always 2-3 steps ahead- and yes so much more! I never had a lapse time. There was always something happening everyday since the day the school ended. Committed to His plans, I was re-hired with no effort at all.. the principal said “I have a job, if you want it, it’s yours!” It took me less than 3 minutes in the office! The job was handed out just like that!

Mom says there are angels in this world. These are people given by God to support, encourage and make things happen for you. I would never had gotten that job without my former principal’s advocacy. He was and still is my angel in disguise! and I am truly grateful!

BUT, God didn’t stop! 3 days before teachers were to report for work, I received an email from my former principal asking me to call him since an opportunity just came up! An IEP Facilitator position has just been vacated and the job requires to handle, administer, oversee and review 3 schools’ special education documents.

Coming from the experiences of teaching college, to system integration sales and account management, to teaching high school computers, to teaching special education, it felt like it was a fit. I went through the process of interview with the district’s Sped Coordinators and actual case review of an existing IEP document on a Friday, 2pm. By Monday, 8am, I got the job!

Now, it’s been a week, and YES! I love my job. I love the people whom I work with, I love how I need to be organized, to be dynamic, I love the training aspect of the job, I love writing, I love working with my computer and traveling to work in 3 different workplaces. I am just still high with the turn around. So I am just returning all glory and praise to God for He made pieces of the puzzle to fit perfectly, for designing and planning the work of my hands. He is wonderful!

Something GREAT will happen in our lives soon!

A matter of believing. A matter of plain knowing, there is a God.

A God of infinite possibilities. A God of miracles.

Our God.

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