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stories of my life?

Still thinking of a better blogger name.. Stories of my life.. is that good?
or should I simply put as Random thoughts?
or Que Sera sera..
ummm.. no one will read this blog anyway.. this will be like a diary
for my own eyes only hehehe
so whatever right?
I have Friendster blog and Wordpress blogs ..
but this one, I would like to simply be a place where I can just write my thoughts..
no one knows about this page.. so there is no need for me to be responsible in what I am writing? hehe
is that good reasoning or what? hahaha
But the good thing about this is I can just put my thoughts here.. more like an outlet to set aside creative energies or simply stress!
To be a journal, a scratch paper, a draft.. a published blog that no one knows about...
nice huh?
Now I start...
It's 11:19pm now so I guess, I have to stop after starting, hehe
Time to sleep.. big day tomorrow!
Night night!

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  1. What do you mean no one knows about this? Wrong! Hahahaha! People will find out about your blog no matter what. It's a public domain, LOL! You're a funny chick. Yes, lots to talk about, Gems! :)


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